FAQ’s for school photos

At BFI Media, we receive plenty of questions about school photos. In this blog, we will answer some school photography FAQs.

Are all the photographers’ DBS checked?

Yes, all our photographers are DBS checked annually. We will provide you with a copy when we arrive at school for you to scan.

Where can we use our school photos?

You can use your school photos anywhere you like. Your school has total copyright of your photos. Our customers use their images across many platforms including:

  • websites
  • prospectuses
  • social media
  • newsletters
  • printing on canvases

We have even had schools use our online shop to sell the photos to parents. One school raised £xxx in photo sales.

How many school photos will we receive?

It depends on how long we are with you and how many children have permissions for photos to be taken. You will also need to consider whether the photos are being taken in a candid style or whether your photos will be posed. Sometimes, posing children for a photo can take longer.

As a guide, you will get 100-250 photos for a half-day photoshoot and 300-500 for a full-day photoshoot.

Who is responsible for the presentation of the school and uniforms?

Ultimately you are responsible for ensuring the children’s school uniforms look neat and tidy. We will try and let you know of any uniforms that are untidy but we have to consider so many other things as well as uniforms.

As a best practice, we would advise that you tell parents and teachers before the photo day and ask them to be prepared.

What happens when there are children with no permission for school photos?

This is something we deal with a lot! For this reason, a chaperone is really important as we cannot be expected to know those children. Our advice is to have those children who can’t have images taken, to wear a sticker that is visible to the photographer (remember to put one on their coats when they go outside).

How long will our school photos take to come through?

We know that you are excited to see your school photos so we endeavor to deliver them to you as soon as possible. Our official timing is 10 working days but it’s highly likely that we deliver under that time.

Will I automatically get drone footage or images?

We will try to incorporate the use of drone if we can. The reasons we may not be able to will be due to time, or your school may be in or near a no-flight zone.

How long is the photo day?

  • 1/2 day – 3 hours
  • Full day – 6 hours

Do you have a typical structure for capturing a school?

Yes, read our blog about how to structure your photo day.