How to increase school admissions with photography and videography

As 2023 is well underway, now is time to start implementing the promotion of your school for next year’s school admissions.

We have worked with many schools and trusts to create engaging admission videos and produce captivating photography for all your advertising needs.

In this blog, we will share how to increase school admissions with photography and videography

Children on their way to class.

Why does stunning imagery and engaging videos increase school admissions?

Photographs are valuable assets that help promote everyday life in your school. School photos and videos are used effectively in online and print material. 

A promotional video is the richest form of content for your parents. Videos are engaging and provide maximum exposure to your unique selling points.

School admission spaces are becoming more and more competitive. Be one step ahead by having beautiful assets for your marketing needs. 

professional school photographer
Our Head Photographer & Videographer is filming a promotional video.

What is included?

Our solutions help you communicate your school’s USPs and why parents should consider sending their child to your school. We have photography and videography packages that will enable you to advertise your school effectively.   

Get in touch to learn more about our school admissions package and view availability.