How we capture your values in school photography

Your school values are not simply written as a nice statement for your school website to tick a box. When we visit schools, we see school values in play every day, and it’s important that we capture them in your school photography.

How do we learn about your school’s values for school photography?

Typically, school values are displayed on the school website, so this is our starting place. We then ask questions to help inform what the values mean in school and how they come to life.

Schools usually share scenarios about how values are practiced in school… sometimes we recreate these scenes to capture the school value. However, most of the time we see school values come to life naturally.

School values

Our school photography package

Photos for schools are the most popular marketing asset for your school. Therefore it’s important to keep photos up to date and always show those unique facilities or services that your school offers … this is what draws prospective parents to your school.

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