Informative school videos

Video is a captivating tool that provides rich content for your audience. Informative school videos are more engaging and create deeper, emotional relationships. There are 2 types of school videos – informative videos for schools and montage videography.

What is an informative school video?

An ‘informative video’ blends montage footage with a voice-over describing your school and what makes you special. This method of video takes a bit more preparation as we recommend what to capture based on the script.  

Places to use video could be:

  • social media
  • website
  • open days

Our data shows that the most completed, watched videos are 4 minutes and under. And even short clips work best for social media. 

How do we create an informative school video?

Step 1 – decide on your video speakers and school topics

The first thing you need to do is decide on who will be delivering the spoken message for your video. This could be staff, children, parents and even governors or the vicar in the community. Once the key speakers are identified it’s time to start planning what they will talk about or think about what questions you would like us to ask and the key message you want to come out from this answer.

Step 2 – a briefing session

Once you have decided on your speakers and which areas of the school are going to be filmed, you then need to communicate this to us. We will run a short meeting where we capture this information and suggest any amends or improvements. We will also cover the style of opening and closing titles.

Step 3 – the school video shoot

This is the big day where we will arrive at school to capture everything we have discussed.

Step 6 – Post-production

After the video shoot, we will edit the video and audio clips together to match the voiceover to the scenes we capture in school. We will then provide you with a 1st draft for your comments and feedback. Once we make these amends, your school video will be ready to share with your community.

Examples of informative school videos

Monkhouse Primary School

Gosberton Academy

What next?