Our contribution to the environment

The last 18 months has been a difficult time for many people over the world. For us at BFI, it was a challenging time as schools were closed or was not permitting unnecessary visitors. This gave us an excellent opportunity to assess the direction of the company and decide what our vision and values would be. 

We strongly believe in the work we do for schools and have passion for this, but sometimes the effect that we have on the environment, as a result of driving the entire country, does keep us awake at night. 

One of our beliefs is that every person and company has a social responsibility to ensuring the health of the environment. BFI Media is a small company but easily contributes to the effect of global warming due to travelling the length and breadth of the UK. As we cannot afford electric vehicles (although this would be a future goal), we need to act to offset our carbon footprint. 

Therefore, we are partnering with Ecologi in an attempt to offset our carbon emissions. This means that for every photo or video shoot that we complete, we will plant a tree in honour of that school. 

You can keep check of our progress and watch our forest grow by viewing our dashboard.