Photography for School Prospectuses

Here at BFI Media, we have worked with many schools and trusts to create engaging photography for school prospectuses. Although we live in a digital world, schools still produce prospectuses to showcase their schools and provide prospective parents with important information about their school.

The imortance of school prospectuses

A prospectus, whether an online or printed booklet, is a fantastic way of raising awareness of your school. These can be used in digital format by embedding the prospectus on your website using flipbook technology. Alternatively, you can still opt to print your prospectus.

Your prospectus should include details about your school and how you differ from other schools. Especially details about your curriculum approach, specialist facilities, and pastoral care. Alongside your stunning photography for school prospectuses, the engaging copy can be used to communicate your messaging. 

Our photography approach

It’s really important to commission a professional photographer for your prospectus photography, we recently published a blog this which you can read here.

There are two main approaches to capturing schools for their prospectus. We can either photograph your schools in a candid approach by capturing what we see during the day. This will result in authentic imagery of your school. The other approach would be to stage images based on the content of the prospectus. We would highly recommend this approach for prospectus photography as we can stage imagery to match a brief. Therefore, this will result in images that are highly tuned to your prospectus copy and support the message you are trying to communicate.

Our photography day

Our photography day starts from £650 which includes 6 hours of photography which will be perfect for your prospectus, or even website and social media. To ensure you get the most from your day, we will take a formal brief so we understand your needs and what you want the imagery to communicate. We will then advise you on the best approach to capture this information.