Photography for schools
Why do schools need excellent photos and videos?

 Promotional photography for schools is important for showing school life. High-quality photos can lift your marketing materials, as a result, school photos can set your school apart from others in the area.  Videography for schools is another valuable asset to promote your school to Ofsted and new families.  

Promotional photography for schools

 High-quality imagery can make or break good quality marketing efforts; both online and offline. You may be able to capture images daily by using phones, tablets or even with a professional camera, but our skill and expertise will create stunning images that captures the personality of your school.  Photos are easy for your audience to process and they create emotional connections to your school. Parents can also visualise their child at school and take part in lessons and playtime.  Here are some places to use professional photos:

  • prospectus
  • website
  • social media
  • leaflets
  • canvas for school walls
  • signage

 Recently, we’ve had a school sell these natural photos to parents as a way of generating revenue for the school.  To view our work, click here.  

Promotional videography for schools

 A video is an immersive tool that provides a much richer form of content. It is more engaging and creates deeper, emotional relationships. There are 2 types of school videos – informative and montage videography.  An ‘informative video’ blends montage footage with a voice-over describing your school and what makes you special. This method of video takes a bit more preparation as we recommend what to capture based on the script.  A montage video is the most relaxed way to capture your school as we video what we see throughout the day. We then overlay the footage with music chosen by you.  Places to use video could be:

  • social media
  • website
  • open days

 To view our video work, click here.