Why you need a professional photographer for your schools promotional images

We already know why schools need photos and videos, but when it comes to using specialist promotional photography for schools, some school leaders wish to create their own media. Our team hears challenges, all the time, such as schools using their own camera or asking a parent or governor to do their photos. However, there are some important aspects to consider when choosing your schools photography partner.

Professional camera, but no professional photographer

Many schools can own a professional camera. But, it can take months, if not years of mastering how to use the technology. Add unpredictable children into the mix and the likeliness of creating stunning school photos is very slim.

For the quality of images needed to promote your school, you’ll need to be capturing images in a raw format – these are huge file sizes per image but capture more detail and image information. Therefore, once the images are captured in the camera, you then need to process them in image software such as Lightroom or Photoshop, which then enables you to export them as JPEGs. This just takes up time that schools simply do not have.

If you are capturing images in JPEG within the camera, you will be lacking the essential detail and quality of the image. Capturing images like this may be fine for your newsletters and class pages. But your promotional media needs to be of the highest quality.

Free photos

It’s no secret that schools struggle with financial budgets, and there could be more important things to be spending money on than photography. There may be a member of your local community, who is a professional photographer and will do the work for free, but do they know how to work with children? Can they think of the spot when things don’t go according to plan? Do they know how to stick to timings to ensure everything in the day is captured without causing too much disruption? Will they understand how to capture the essence and personality of your school? And the biggest question – will their imagery help you promote your school?

We know we can do all of those things confidently.

professional school photographer
Our head photographer and videographer capturing a school.

So, why choose specialist promotional photography for schools

Let’s just bullet point these for extra impact!

  1. We capture school photos with your objectives and values in mind
  2. We know how to engage with children
  3. We advise when uniforms or backgrounds are untidy
  4. We are DBS checked
  5. We know how to think on our feet and get around any obstacles that may occur
  6. We have a passion for delivering excellent images and outstanding customer service