Winter is coming…. But don’t let that put you off booking a photo or video shoot.

As autumn comes to an end and winter is around the corner, now is a great time to consider Winter school photo or video shoot. We hear of many schools that want to delay a photo shoot due to the weather or poor lighting. And whilst we completely understand these concerns; at BFI Media we actively encourage a photoshoot at this time of year.

With our years of experience, we can help you structure your photo or video day and turn any dreary, dull day into an engaging and creative scene. During this blog we are going to share our expertise on winter photo and video shoots. 

Preparing for the photo or video shoot

It is important that the assets we create are perfect for your needs, therefore we complete a thorough brief where we discuss what makes your school unique and the purpose of the images or footage. We also work with you to plan the schedule for the day’s routine and help you identify which areas to focus on and which children and team members to include. You can also read our blogs on preparing for your photo or video shoots


Where possible we always use natural lighting, however sometimes we need to enhance the surroundings. Many classrooms we have photographed are modern and well lit, however older schools tend to have more limited and artificial light. Therefore we use specialist lighting equipment to create lighter learning environments. 

Bracing the elements

Weather is a photographer’s number one enemy, but not for the reasons that you would think…


Yes, rain can cause issues and limit the amount of time we spend outside photographing your school. However, it also leads to very creative and fun imagery. And the reality is that we don’t need very long outside to capture wonderful images; 90% of your photoshoot will be in the classroom. Children love jumping in puddles, playing in the water, and making mud cakes; all these things make excellent imagery showcasing happy and engaged children. 

Our belief is that we don the waterproofs, get out there and have a bit of fun! Here is a great image of children walking to class in the rain. If you look closely you can actually see the rain.

A very rainy day at school

Sunny days

Of all the weather types, sunny days can be the nemesis for photographers. But it’s the forecast that everyone hopes for when they have their photo or video shoot. 

There are many pros to having a shoot on a sunny day, such as blue skies for outdoor photos, children don’t have to wear big coats so you can show the uniform better. And you may believe that it provides better lighting for the photographer. However, sunny weather has a couple of drawbacks, the first being that children and staff have to squint as the sun is in their eyes. The second is overexposure, this is where too much light enters the camera and causes the image to be washed out with very little detail or highlighting. 

This image was taken on a very sunny day. You can see that the image is very bright and has lost some of the detail and texture. The children were also having to squint due to the sun which doesn’t lead to good photos.

This image was taken at the same school, in the same place but on a different day. You can see the colours are more balanced and you can see more detail.

Dull days

Dull weather is a common feature in the UK (along with the rain), but at least on a dull day, the light is balanced and provides natural lighting. It also means we can spend more time outside as it is dry. Overcast days are the perfect balance for your photoshoot.

An overcast but dry day provides more balanced light and students are comfortable being outside.