How to promote your school

As the new term for 2021/21 is under way and the admission window now open for 2022/23, it’s now time to start implementing the promotion of your school for next year’s admissions.  

We have worked with many schools and trusts to create engaging admission videos and produce captivating photography for all your advertising needs. Below we will share ideas of how you could use photography and videography to promote your school to new families. 

School videos

Videos are the optimum promotional asset in your kit; they are engaging and truly reflect everyday life in school. The footage clearly tells the story of your school to attract new families, whilst also communicating your future vision for the children and the community. To showcase your school grounds, we use our drone to capture video footage of your grounds from a bird eye view. 

Here are two recent examples of an admissions video and a school tour.

Local magazine advertising

Increasing pupil numbers is becoming more and more competitive, whilst a lot of marketers advise digital marketing solutions (so the return on investment can be tracked), we personally feel that a blend of digital and traditional promotion should be used. What better way to reach out to your local community than via a small local magazine in the form of a printed advert which includes beautiful photography. Also, establishing a good relationship with local publications is great for future PR opportunities. 

Digital imagery

Imagery will be the most popular, and most used form of marketing asset you use, therefore it’s important to keep photos up to date and always showing your unique selling points. 

Our imagery can be used across any platform including print and online. We supply images in print and social media size, enabling you to create your own promotional assets. 

Here are a selection of our favourite images.

Flyers and prospectuses

Another fantastic way of raising awareness of your school is via a flyer, this can be posted to local housing estates or even leave a pile with a local, independent nursery or child minder. 

Prospectuses are also a more in-depth method of promoting your school. Alongside your stunning imagery, engaging copy can be used to communicate your messaging. 

Both flyers and prospectuses can be in digital or print format

Our admissions package

Our solutions help you communicate your school USP’s and why parents should consider sending their child to your school. We have created a special offer to provide you with different assets that will enable you to advertise your schools effectively.  

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