How to use photos to promote your school

We are hearing more and more that schools admissions are becoming increasingly competitive. Therefore, it is now important to showcase your life in your school. In this blog, we will share ideas about how to use photos to promote your school.

Photos for your school

Images are the most popular marketing asset for your school. Therefore it’s important to keep photos up to date and always show those unique facilities or services that your school offers … this is what draws prospective parents to your school.

As a result, our photos can be used in printed materials and online platforms. We supply images in print and social media size, enabling you to create your own promotional assets. 

Here is a selection of our favourite images.

Where to use photos to promote your school

Flyers for schools

Flyers are a fantastic way of raising awareness of your school. These can be posted to local housing estates, or even given to a local, independent nursery or childminder. However, if your school is a secondary school, remember that communicating through the local primary schools will help reach more parents.

Prospectuses for schools

Prospectuses are another way of providing more information about your school, including information about your specialties, the school day, uniform, and much more information for parents. It is important to make a prospectus visually engaging so getting the balance between copy and imagery is important.

Websites for schools

Most of our work is commissioned for website purposes. School websites are designed for photos to lead the creative direction and communicate key messages. You’ll notice most website designers structure websites in blocks, often leading with the main navigation in a bar at the top of the screen, and then directly below is a set of header images that showcase your school. This is what grabs your parents’ attention.

But that isn’t the only place you can use your images. Most websites enable schools to have image-based buttons or quick links. You could also load your images into a gallery within your website.

Here are some websites that include our photography:

Hibsaldstow Academy

Hardwick Green Academy

Derby Cathedral School

St Christopher’s M.A.T

Oxley Park Academy

Newsletters for schools

Lastly, your school will also produce newsletters, your images would be perfect for enhancing your communications to parents.