Professional photography for multi-academy trusts

Consistency and quality are the main priorities for multi-academy trust photos. Therefore professional photography for multi-academy trusts is so important. Clarity of identity, consistency in style, and providing a visual representation of the values of your organisation are all crucial to ensure you are producing incredible images that resonate with your audiences.

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Why professional photography for multi-academy trusts is important

If you are running a multi-academy trust, photography is vital to attracting more schools to your portfolio. The photos need to showcase the benefits of joining the trust and demonstrate the values held by your MAT, to prospective schools.

Why Schools need professional photography

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Images are the most popular marketing asset for your schools. Ultimately it’s important to keep photos up to date to show those unique facilities or services that your schools offer.

Professional photography for multi-academy trusts examples

St Christopher’s Multi Academy Trust

RISE Multi Academy Trust

Enquire Learning Trust

Your MAT photography partners

We understand that consistency and quality are the key drivers when it comes to your brand. This is why we pride ourselves on delivering polished photography, that represents your MAT and schools. It’s our core belief that an image may only take seconds to capture. In most cases, it can be the difference between standing out or blending into the crowd.

We provide creative and engaging photography at an affordable price to suit your budget. But with all of our services, we won’t compromise on quality.