School photography that showcases what makes your school special

School photography is the driver behind successful school marketing. For every piece of design work, you need excellent images to make a statement. We will create a collection of beautiful photography that will form the foundations of your marketing.

Why you should use a professional for your school photography?

school photographer

There are a few reasons why you need to invest in a professional school photographer. We capture school photos with your objectives and values in mind and we know how to engage with children. We also ensure the quality of your photos are high, from ensuring the background and uniforms are tidy to high-quality post-production.

Why have school photos?

Images are the most popular marketing asset for your school. Therefore it’s important to keep photos up to date and always show those unique facilities or services that your school offers … this is what draws prospective parents to your school.

  1. You will receive high-resolution images which can be used across all types of media
  2. You’ll have plenty of images of your school
  3. The images will be a consistent style

How to plan for your school photography day

Our photo days are either half-day or full-day photography sessions. We take a thorough brief before coming to school and advise you about the itinerary for the day. We recommend that you have a few different activities planned throughout the day. For more information, read our previous blog about how to structure your school promotional photography day.

What next?

Now you know what to expect from a typical school photo day and how to plan for it, you just need to find the right photographer for your budget. At BFI Media, we have different options for your budget. You can find out more about our school photography solutions.