Drone footage for schools
Drone footage for schools

We’ve recently been receiving an increased amount of enquiries from schools that wish to improve their school marketing efforts by including drone footage for schools to their photography or videography packages. So we thought we’d write a blog to tell you more about our drone services for school marketing, how we provide the service and why schools should use our drone solution.

How we provide drone footage for schools

Drone footage of school

All our drone pilots are fully licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). As a result, this means we understand the legalities of flying a drone such as not being able to fly a drone above 120m.

Flying drones can make members of the community a little nervous, so we inform the police that a drone will be flying in the local area so they can confidently handle any reports and reassure members of the community that the drone is legally flying.

Drones cannot be used in all areas of the UK, these are known as non-flight zones. Therefore, schools near MOD bases, airports, or prisons, will either not be permitted to fly or we will need to seek special permission – We sort all of these elements before coming to your school to alleviate your workload.

You can check your own area using this link.

Why use drones in school marketing?

There are so many reasons for using drone footage for schools photography or videography in your school marketing!

Drone footage for schools can be used to showcase the following areas:

  1. Outdoor facilities (forest school or trim trails)
  2. Grounds (playing fields or woodland areas)
  3. Outdoor activities (such playtime)
  4. Location and landmarks
  5. The school building

Here’s a great recent example of a school tour video using our drone service.

If you’d like to hear more about our drone service, register your interest here.